Balazs Acs

Physician and postdoc researcher with experience in digital pathology and research focus on machine learning algorithms in pathological image analysis.

BSc Biomedical Sciences, Research Coordinator

Emelie Karlsson

I coordinate and assist all the research projects within the group. I also help with documentation, administration and organization of research resources.

MD, PhD student

Caroline Schagerholm

Medical doctor with degree from Karolinska Institutet and currently a PhD student focusing on the endocrine treatment resistance mechanism study in breast cancer patients.


Stephanie Robertson

Board certified surgical pathologist trained at Karolinska University Hospital with a special interest in breast pathology and digital pathology. I received my PhD degree from Karolinska Institutet. The focus of my research projects is to improve breast cancer diagnostics using digital image analysis and genomic profiling. My research also focuses on resistance mechanisms to endocrine and HER2-targeted therapies.

MD, PhD student

Caroline Rönnlund

I am a medical doctor with a degree from Karolinska Institutet. I am currently a resident in surgical pathology at Karolinska University Hospital with a special interest in breast pathology. I am also a PhD student at Karolinska Institutet since 2019. My PhD thesis is focused on investigating HER2 positive breast cancer, looking into resistance patterns, outcome and gene expression of HER2. The aim is to improve HER2 diagnostics and facilitate the choice of anti-HER2 therapies.

MD, PhD student

Ceren Boyaci

Board certified surgical pathologist with special interest in breast pathology. Currently works at Karolinska University Hospital. Also a PhD student at Karolinska Institutet with research focus on digital image analysis in breast cancer.


Xinsong Chen

PhD graduate from Karolinska Institutet and currently postdoc researcher. My projects focus on establishing and utilizing cancer patient derived ex vivo models to assist precision oncology and novel drug development, as well as the role of intratumoral heterogeneity in cancer progression and treatment.

MSc, PhD student

Qiao Yang

Investigating intratumoral heterogeneity and drug resistance mechanisms via computational biology in breast cancer.

MSc, PhD, Bioinformatician

Emmanouil Sifakis

Electronic and Computer Engineer by training with experience in Bioinformatics (Next-Generation Sequencing and Microarray data analysis), Biomedical Engineering (Image and Signal Processing), and Biostatistics.


Wenwen Sun


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