Organotypic Model

Organotypic model Many cancer patients are under or over treated as a consequence of insufficient knowledge of therapy response now. Gene-expression signatures and DNA-panel sequencing will most likely not be enough to predict therapeutic responses. Thus, there is an urgent demand for discovery of alternative treatment prediction methods to facilitate personalized oncology. Additionally, the current […]

Image Analysis

Image analysis and computational pathology We use established image analysis softwares to improve biomarker assessment in routine pathology. We also develop in-house deep-learning based models for next generation image analysis together with the Rantalainen lab. Breast cancer diagnostics is hampered by lack of trained breast pathologists and an ever increasing workload. The consequence is severe […]

Stockholm HER2 Project

Stockholm HER2 project The human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) is overexpressed or gene amplified in about 15 % of breast cancers and is associated with aggressive tumors with early distant metastasis. Twenty years ago the recombinant monoclonal antibody trastuzumab targeting HER2 was approved and thus the prognosis improved dramatically. Since then, numerous agents […]

Endoresist Project

Endoresist project Around 80% of breast cancer patients have tumors expressing estrogen receptor alpha (ER) and are offered endocrine treatment for 5-10 years, aiming to either regulate the receptor or removing its ligand, estrogen. However, approximately 30% of patients with ER positive primary tumors will later develop endocrine resistant recurrences despite adjuvant therapy. In the […]

The Team

Balazs Acs – MD, PhDmailto:balazs.acs@ki.seázs-ács-043078129/   Physician and postdoc researcher with experience in digital pathology and research focus on machine learning algorithms in pathological image analysis. Linkedin Envelope Emelie Karlsson – BSc Biomedical Sciences, Research Coordinator   I coordinate and assist all the research projects within the group. I also help with documentation, administration […]

Dr Johan Hartman

Group leader at Department of Oncology and Pathology, Karolinska Institutet. Senior consultant pathologist at Karolinska University Hospital. Research focus on precision pathology; image analysis (computational pathology), molecular cancer profiling and patient-derived cancer models to predict patient-specific drug response. +46 (0) 73 976 02 42

Research Grants

Bröstcancerförbundet 960 000 kr   Balazs Acs –  “Artificial Intelligence to Improve Diagnostics and Prognostication in Breast Cancer ‐ Artificiell intelligens för att förbättra diagnostik och prognostisering vid bröstcancer”, 420 000kr (2021) Johan Hartman – “Att förutse återfall och förbättra överlevnad i HER2‐ positiv bröstcancer”, 540 000kr (2021) MedTechLabs 20 000 000 kr   (co-PI Kevin Smith) “BCAIND […]


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